AFI was established as an apolitical nonprofit by an experienced group of professionals representing a variety of fields.

The mission of The Foundation is the promotion and development of bilateral relationship between Poland and the United States built on a foundation of 3 pillars, namely, science, culture and business.


Pomagamy polskiej onkologii

Nie ustajemy w działaniach! Nasza Fundacja wraz Cobin Angels koordynuje zakup odzieży ochronnej (maski, kombinezony, gogle) dla szpitali i oddziałów onkologicznych w całym kraju. „Walka jest nierówna, bo stanęliśmy do niej nieprzygotowani. W tej chwili poszukujemy...

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Wsparcie dla Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii

Od początku istnienia Polsko-Amerykańskiej Fundacji Alliance for Innovation naszą główną misją jest promocja i rozwój dwustronnych relacji między Polską a Stanami Zjednoczonymi, opartych na 3 filarach: nauce, kulturze i biznesie. Czasem zdarzają się jednak takie...

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Chopin. The Space Concert

Chopin The Space ConcertKennedy Space Center, 5.12.2019 Event page: https://www.chopinfloridaconcert.comBuy tickets: Chopin. The Space ConcertFilm documentary: Trailer    

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AFI provides educational support for PACTT

AFI in partnership with The Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer (PACTT) and Pfizer provides educational support to stimulate capabilities in tech transfer and commercialization in Poland. An umbrella organization of Polish university tech transfer...

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AFI dedication to strengthening knowledge about the participation of Poles in US HISTORY

Poland has made significant contributions to European and world history much of which is unknown to the United States. Poland and the United States have share a 400 year history starting with Polish artisans developing the first products being sent from Jamestown to England in 1608. In 1619, Poles held the first strike in the future United States winning the right to vote.

AFI is focused to promote Polish contributions in history with a goal of building a stronger relationship between Poland and the US by learning more about each others history and culture.  AFI already worked with the Virginia legislature to commemorate the contributions of General Kosciuszko in a proclamation marking October 15 as Kosciuszko Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

AFI dedication to BUSINESS RELATION between Poland and USA

In listening to business and political leaders responsible for growing economic relations between the two countries, AFI identified missed opportunities. Members of the AFI Team had been involved in programs at the federal level to promote a business climate for Polish-US collaborations. Successes and failures over several years in addition to discussions with political and business leaders developed the core concepts for a new approach to Polish-US Business relationships.

AFI dedication to ART AND CULTURE

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” 

Mahatma Gandhi

AFI believes that through art and cultural events Poles and Americans will learn about each leading a deeper understanding and appreciation that will result in more successful collaboration.